Our Vision

The Crowd is eager to engage, providing ideas, solutions, knowledge and even labor.  But how do you engage them as a group?  It isn't as simple as asking a question. There are a myriad of subtle ways to lose your crowd. Even with an initial success, how do you sustain success and build a mature program of innovation over time?

We have done it again and again and we can assist you  using your technology or ours.  Our passion is unleashing the abilities of the crowd in an engaging manner which benefits both the crowd and the enterprise.   Contact us and let us share our vision.

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients build a macro-intelligent organization using a graduated sustainable model.

Going Outside the Box

We help you leverage the power of the external crowd finding opportunities, solutions, sourcing labor and promoting your brand.  

Featured Services

Employee Engagement

We show you how to engage your internal workforce both in identifying opportunities solutions and optimizing employee utilization.

Software Solutions

We provide top ranked idea management systems which engage your crowds leveraging their collective intelligence.  

Leveraging the power of your crowds to drive innovation, engagement, creativity and optimized labor.

The Crowd has the power.  WE help you harness it.