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Idea Management Systems

An Idea Management System (IMS) is an on-line software platform used by an enterprise to engage the collective knowledge, experience, judgment and creativity of individuals to solve problems or address opportunities.  In an IMS, a participant can present ideas on any topic or on a topic proposed by the enterprise.  They can comment on the ideas of others enabling them to improve upon their idea.  They can vote on ideas enabling the best ideas to surface for consideration by a panel of experts who determine which ideas to pursue. 

​Some IMSs also enable individuals to form Communities of Practice where they share information and collaborate on areas of common interest.

In addition to sharing information and identifying and developing ideas, an enterprise benefits by identifying talented and influential individuals.  This improves the innovation bandwidth of the enterprise related both to implementation of ideas as well as the management of future ideation events.  Likewise, the participants benefit by furthering opportunities for professional development.

We are partners with CogniStreamer, one of the top ranked idea management system providers in the world with top marks for functionality and offerings.   However, even Forrester's evaluation admits that there are categories they failed to consider.

Regarding cost, our pricing is dependent upon your success which means we are all pulling in the same direction.  We can do this because we have proprietary solutions which create superior levels of engagement.  So you don't have to worry whether if you build it, will they come.  We essentially guaranteed it which is why you won't be hit with high priced consulting fees as well. We want you to succeed so, when acquired through CrowdPowered, our discounted price also comes with consulting services delivered throughout the year.

Simplicity and scalability are hallmarks of the CogniStreamer solution.  Unlike the solutions of competitors, we promote creation of collaboration campaigns at all levels of the organization, not just the governing body of the innovation program.  Any manager who is coached on the proper sponsorship of a campaign can easily run a challenge using a template although initially their crowd may be limited to those in their area of responsibility. Take a peek and see the attached video on creating a new challenge.  Of course, more experienced managers of innovation can build a much more customized challenge with a variety of engagement tools. While our competitors might find this scary, we believe it only speaks to their lack of structure, governance and system maturity. Limiting the ability of employees to engage each other in problem solving would be similar to preventing them access to email because they might abuse it.  CogniStreamer is an engagement and collaboration tool and with guidance employees will use it wisely.

Unlike most providers, CogniStreamer has both cloud hosted and client hosted solutions which are the same solution and can back each other up or be used in combination providing unparalleled system security and stability. Contact Us for a demonstration.

Idea Challenge Design and Community Management

We distinguish ourselves by being system agnostic crafting, building and executing innovation campaigns whether on your idea management system or our own.  In this way, you are not limited to the use of tools only of one vendor and we can bring to practice techniques which might not be available to a provider who only promotes their own solution. If you migrate from one system to another, not a problem.  Our services can move with you.  In addition, our resources are far more competitively priced to the extent that they can affordably staff your growing innovation program in the early stages and beyond.  

We support the four collaborative innovation use cases which fall into a two by two matrix.  After consulting with you, we can decide which to deploy first and in what order. 

Collaborative Innovation Use Cases

Challenge Based Ideation

Continuous Ideation

Internal vs. Externally Focused:

Internally focused ideation and collaboration utilizes your internal crowd of employees.  It is typically less risky and recommended for anyone starting a program of collaborative innovation.

Externally focused ideation and collaboration falls into a large number of sub-use cases dependent upon your crowd and the nature of the campaign.  The crowd might consist of one or a number of suppliers, partners or customers.  Customers might be enterprises or individuals.  The campaign itself might be a competition among participants or a collaborative between them.  There may be intellectual property concerns and here we distinguish ourselves with a special patent process flow with special access restrictions for emerging IP.

Challenge Based vs. Continuous Ideation

Challenge based ideation and collaboration focuses on the statement of a problem or an opportunity in search of ideas and collaboration.  A challenge sponsor is clearly defined with certain pre-requisites to qualify as a sponsor.  The parameters by which ideas are judged are clearly defined.  As a result, ideas identified and developed are of much higher quality with a much higher rate of adoption and implementation.

Continuous ideation accepts ideas on any topic but it is not akin to the historical open suggestion box.   To mimic that model is to court disaster and we consult with you on how to achieve success with a continuous ideation model.


At CrowdPowered, we view consulting differently because your success is directly aligned with ours.  So it is in our best interest to consult with you as part of the software agreement thereby ensuring the success and growth of your program of collaborative innovation.  

Our methodology is to always remember that we are on a path to a more mature innovation program.  We first assess where you are along that path and then recommend a series of steps based upon experiences which build greater maturity and sustainability

We believe that a mature innovation program consists of nine dimensions.  With each recommended stage of development, we build each dimension.

Finally we pursue a strategy of penetrate and radiate assuring that the early adopters of a program have near term success which will lead to broader adoption within the enterprise.